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3D AI Solutions for Glaucoma

We provide 3D AI solutions to streamline glaucoma diagnosis & prognosis

Glaucoma is a complex disease affecting the 3D structures of the eye. Our team is dedicated to provide clinicians with companion software tools that will help them reduce blindness from glaucoma.

GUI OCT device
Restoring tissue visibility

3D Image Restoration

Our technologies can restore the visibility of the main site of glaucoma damage (the optic nerve head) in optical coherence tomography (OCT) images by removing noise, shadows, and artefacts.

Quantifying tissue structures

3D Structural Analysis

With our technology (digital staining), we can classify neural and connective tissues of the optic nerve head in 3D OCT images. We also offer unprecedented 3D structural analysis and 3D visualization of eye tissues.

Reducing clinical tests and hospital costs

Glaucoma Diagnosis/Prognosis

We can provide a glaucoma diagnosis/prognosis that is more accurate than that given by any other gold-standard glaucoma parameters (or their combinations).

Abyss Processing Team

Prof Jonas is a glaucoma specialist and Professor at Heidelberg University. He is the most cited and most published Ophthalmologist worldwide, and he has considerably contributed to our knowledge of glaucoma.

Prof. Jost Jonas

Advisory Board Member

Dr Strouthidis is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon and the Medical Director at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London. He has a special interest in glaucoma particularly complex and secondary glaucomas, as well as cataract surgery, especially in glaucoma patients. He is also on the editorial boards of BJO, CER, and BMC Ophthalmology.

Dr. Nicholas G. Strouthidis

Advisory Board Member

Dr Perera is a Professor at Duke NUS and has been a full time consultant at SNEC for 11 years. He co-heads the Bioengineering and Devices Group at SERI with Dr Girard, and is the Deputy Director for the MedTech Office at Singhealth.

Dr. Shamira Perera

Advisory Board Member

Prof Schmetterer is a Professor of Ophthalmology at NTU and head of ocular imaging at SERI in Singapore. He also holds a Professorship at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. Prof Schmetterer is a world leading expert in OCT imaging and hardware development.

Prof. Leopold Schmetterer

Advisory Board Member

Prof Crowston is a Professor of Ophthalmology at Duke NUS and was the previous director of CERA in Melbourne. His research is currently focused around ageing and neuroprotection of the optic nerve. Prof Crowston is the founder of the company Oculo and seats on the board of the world glaucoma association.

Prof. Jonathan Crowston

Advisory Board Member
AI Reasearch funding
Years experience in glaucoma research
Years experience in machine learning research

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